Jane Marie Claus – Trial Attorney

Licensed in Oregon & Illinois – Serving the Community Since 1990

Do you need to protect your rights?

You have rights. I am here to fight and defend them for you.
You are respected. I am on your side. I have your back.
You are informed. I explain how the law defends & supports your case.

I lead a team of wide-variety experts and investigators to obtain the best outcome for you. Together we establish your strongest case.

Jane Marie Claus founded Clauslaw LLC to provide high quality and affordable legal services throughout the state of Oregon. With over 28 years of practice, Jane Claus is well versed in practical legal experience in and out of the courtroom. She has expertise for courtroom litigation and in negotiations/settlements. She knows that each client comes to her with different priorities, goals, and concerns. Jane Claus is dedicated to providing each client with individual attention. She gives you frank, honest, and practical legal advice to obtain the best possible results on your case.